About Our Company

file:///D:/Homework/cason/website/templatemo_353_beauty_class/images/aboutus_cason_pic.jpgIn this era of modernity, more and more people are aware about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. In essence, we need to embrace quality living in order for us to be healthy, fit and beautiful.

Cason Trading understands the importance of staying fit and looking good. Cason Trading was set up in 2008, as a sole proprietor company and was incorporated as Cason Trading Sdn Bhd (Cason) in year 2009.

Cason’s main activity is to source, import as well as to distribute trendy, safe and premium quality health and beauty products from Japan. With the motto of “Helping women become more feminine”, most of our products are targeted for women. Through Tokyoninki, Cason reaches out directly to consumers by providing them an online platform to purchase the products distributed by the company.

The company started off with just the F Cup Cookie product range, when Cason was appointed as the exclusive distributor for its products by Yokoyama Corporation Co Ltd (Yokoyama). F Cup cookie has since penetrated retail chains such as Sasa and Watson and has now become one of the key products of Cason. The success of F Cup Cookie in Malaysia has prompted Yokoyama to also appoint Cason as their international distributor. To date, F Cup Cookie has already been exported to Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Australia and to other countries in South East Asia.

Over the years, Cason has developed its network in Malaysia through retail outlets, independent pharmacies, beauty outlets and has continued to strive hard to bring in health and beauty products that cater to consumers’ needs. Renowned for strict sourcing, Cason has grown steadily and progressively to the status of an established importer as well as distributor. Currently, the product categories distributed by Cason includes health food, body care, skin care, hair care, nail care, sun protection products, cosmetics, and beauty accessories, among others.

Our Mission and Objective


  • To become the market leader in sourcing, importing as well as distributing trendy, safe and premium quality Japanese health and beauty products with maximum benefits and satisfaction to consumers.


  • To source Japanese health and beauty products through stringent procedures to ensure that the products selected are of quality standards, according to consumer requirements.
  • To collaborate with Japanese suppliers in developing our own brand of products in accordance to market demands.
  • To further penetrate our products into the market through the diversification of our distribution channels.